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concealer I1
Concealer Brushes®
Spot Concealer Brush
You Save: HKD$50.00

1 piece
concealer I2
High quality fiber brush head with extra-density suitable for medical camouflage use on diverse purposes. Extra resilience / elastic property of the 0.8x1.3cm hair tip means perfect coverage near eye corners or any folded/wrinkled areas. The tip is especially planed down in one axis, proven to create a more spot on and natural effect. Oak handle with optimal widening design in the middle allowing accurate control of strength and direction.
Concealer Brush suitable for a wide variety of problems including acne, freckles and dark eye circles coverage, the brush tip can also be used for eyeliner purposes.
  • Evenly apply concealers
  • For spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation
  • Can be used as a touchup fluffy blush for small area final blending
  • Longer lasting concealer effect
  • Synethetic brush does not absorb as much product, giving more to the skin
  • Good for uneven surfaces or various size pores
Name: Concealer Brush
Brush Material: Synthetic Fiber
Handle Material: Oak Wood
Applicable Products: Foundation or Concealer class products
Suitable Area: Face and small blemishes on body
 concealer I3
How to use:
Acne Scars Freckles freckles before  
For acne scars, freckles or small blemishes, use the tip of the concealer brush with a small amount of product / concealer, lightly dap and tab on problem area and then blend the edge of the product via circular motions.
Dark Eye Circles Small Blemishes dark eye circles before
To cover dark eye circles or larger area of pigments, sweep product /concealer evenly on the whole area, while painting lightly around eye corners and small area of the eyes. Slightly dap and tab the remainly product / concealer around the edges and smooth out any unevenless.
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