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Dermaflage® (Hong Kong/China/Macau)
ba-04-b small ba-04-a small   Paige-Before-copy-767x1024 small Paige-After-copy-920x1024 small
ba-01-b small ba-01-a small   ba-03-b small ba-03-a small
Brennan-before-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy Brennan-after-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy small   Rayema-before-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy small Rayema-after-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy small
Anna-before-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy small Anna-after-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy small   chest-before-Cropped small Chest-after-Cropped small
Jeremy-Before-copy-731x1024 small Jeremy-After-copy-731x1024 small   tracie-gilbert-before-795x1024 small tracie-gilbert-after-795x1024 small
Troy-Before-copy-784x1024 small Troy-After-copy-789x1024 small    beforewith-insert small   after-with-insert small
Cole-before-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy-1small  Cole-after-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy-1 small   HeatherL-Before-copy-768x1024 Small HeatherL-After-copy-795x1024 small
 linda-BEFORE-CROPPED-REVISED small  linda-AFTER-CROPPED-REVISED small   LieslTBefore small  LieslTAfter01-1 small
Monica Before small monica after small   Deandre-before-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy small Deandre-after-cropped-Dermaflage-pic-copy-1 small 
Brenda-McCarty-Before small Brenda-McCarty-After small   ba-02-b small ba-02-a small


Dermaflage with make up   

*With all before and after images and videos shown on this page, no claims are made that results are guaranteed to be exactly the same. Results will vary by individual patient and no guarantees are made. Images of actual patients are shown for informational purposes only.