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dcl non drying lotion p  
dcl sunscreen rs
UVA/UVB chemfree superblock
Long Duration, Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection

This is a non-chemical sunblock offering broad spectrum protection, long duration of action (waterproof) but without the stickiness of most sunscreens of the same grade. Offering true full spectrum protection with both Titanium Dioxide and Micronized Zinc Oxide.
e 118ml 4.0.fl.oz.
dcl non drying lotion rs
Non-Drying Cleansing Lotion
Gentle cleanser for daily use

Gentle cleanser for all skin types, suitable for daily use even sensitive skin types, post laser treatment or after chemical peels.
e 237ml 8.0.fl.oz.
dcl quick recovery rs
Quick Recovery Post-Treatment Cream
Highly moisturizing post laser / post peel recovery face cream

Quickly hydrate and sooth skin irritation after laser facials, laser peels, chemical peels and IPL. Also good for very dry and sensitive or inflammed skin, or persons living in high altitudes. Soothing and relieving effect is almost immediate.
e 104ml 3.5.fl.oz.