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cellulites before treatmentAfter almost a year of effort, I have finally slimmed down a bit. Now I am not so troubled by my weight but rather by the cellulites on my skin.

Dry Skin Before TreatmentI just had laser treatment which gives me very dry skin and in need of a moisturizer

young_beforeBeing a stewardess, long distant trips make my skin very dry. Sometimes cosmetics flake off easily.

dark_eye_circles_beforeI was born with dark eye circles. I couldnt make it go away even after trying many methods. So now I just cover it up. Most concealer pencils doesnt last long and could not totally cover it up

oil_beforeIt is difficult to find a suitable moisturizer for me because my face is oily on the forehead and dry on the cheeks.

freckles before treatmentI always thought I dont need to use sunscreens if my skin care products have 'SPF'. Plus I think using sunscreen is too 'sticky'.

burn_beforeI am the youngest daughter in the family and was the most loved amongst my siblings. My academics were ok and I had plenty friends. Two years ago I had 30% burn in a fire accident

acne_beforeI had very bad acne when I was younger. As the family was not too well off, I didnt seek any medical help then. As I grew older the colored acne scars became quite prominent

birthmarks before camouflageI was born with a large pink birthmark on my face, and have been ridiculed since small. As I grew into teenage I went to few social functions.

misleading_brandsI have been searching for camouflage cosmetics and advertising said xxxx xxxx brand was very good, so I brought it for use after laser therapy,