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Medical Camouflage      
Coverderm Coverderm™
The world’s leading medical camouflage from Italy suitable for all type of skin defects
Dermacolor DermaColor™
Camouflage cosmetics with extra staying power and a variety of color choices

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Skin Care
Originator of fruit acids, especially suitable for acne prone or pore size reduction
Cellular hormonal technology geared for anti-aging and fast skin damage recovery
Widely used brand for skin care known for its elegant yet simple no-nonsense formulary
Sunscreen from Stiefel with total sun protection, SPF 60
DrHarrisonDr Harrison Products
Moisturizer and Zinc Sunscreen Protector provides dual defense for your skincare needs
A long duration, Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection
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new and special

Dr Harrison

Moisturizer and Zinc Sunscreen Protector provides dual defense for your skincare needs
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TNS Recovery Complex

Nouri-Cel MD hormonal ingredient
from SkinMedica with strong
anti-aging power

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C6 Peptide

Kinetin, one of the most powerful
anti-aging ingredient for human skin cells

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CE Ferulic

Anti-Oxidant with 8 times natural photoaging protection, acting synergistic with sunscreens
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